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Scenic Introduction
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1. Scenic spot established time
Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Ecological Tourism Zone in Beihai city in April 22, 2008, a major project leading group meeting approved the construction, May 1, 2008 officially opened. (Beihai major project leading group meeting minutes of 2008 fourth) According to the minutes of the meeting Beihai city tourism group, Entrust Beihai Silver Beach Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. to operational management Golded Bay Mangrove Ecotourist Region of the temporary.According to the Beihai Municipal Tourism Group meeting decided that in June 11, 2009, Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourist Region Management Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated.

2.Location and Area
Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourist Region is located in Beihai City in the southeast end, about 15KM from the south of downtown, Scenic area of 6000 acres, about 4.5 kilometers long coastline, coastal wetland ecological tourism belongs to the subtropical zone..


The company set up under the office, finance department, human resources department, management department, business department, project department, reception department and Marketing Center eight departments. The office is located on the sixth floor of Silver Beach Scenic Yihai Garden Hotel.

From 08 years as a branch of Beihai Silver Beach Scenic Area Management Co., Ltd. (with 20 people) development has become an independent legal representative of the modern State-Owned Company with105 people,The management of enterprises is gradually standardized. 

4.Important reception in recent years 

July 2008 to meet the 2008 Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation forum.

In December 2008, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was established in Daqing,, the successful meeting of the central delegation of sympathy, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to complete the creation of the National Garden City, Beihai City, etc..

Since opening in May 2008, the scenic area has received a total of 2200000 visitors. The successful completion of various reception work of nearly 800 batches, has received a number of Party and state leaders, such as Wen Jiabao,Jia Qinglin, He Guoqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Wang Gang and other leaders of the central and local government. 

5.Awards received in recent years
I.June 2011 was approved by the Beihai municipal government as "the Beihai Bay Mangrove city wetland park";
II.In December 21, 2011 through the national 3A level scenic spots of the assessment and acceptance, and achieved national AAA grade tourist attractions. In order to further enhance the scenic quality and grade, according to the requirements of Beihai City 2012 "four" key construction project of the tourism, the 2013 onwards to create a national 4A level scenic spots.
III.Beihai Municipal People's Government in May 8, 2012 was named "Beihai science education base"; the company is trying to make the scenic spot to become the international coastal leisure tourism destination and the comprehensive nature of the mangrove science base.
IV.In December 30, 2013, the Department of environmental protection of the autonomous region, autonomous region, and the autonomous region of the autonomous region of Guangxi, granted the first batch of the demonstration zone of ecological tourism in 

6.Scenic Introduction
Beihai Golden Bay Mangrove Ecotourist Region is China's rich coastal wetland customs and fishing culture connotation of the gold spot. Is located in Beihai City in the southeast side, about 15KM, and is known as "the best in the world Beach" said the national 4A level scenic area in Beihai silver beach are intricately linked. The whole area is about 6000 acres, which is composed of three parts of the mangroves, the golden beach and the main park. In the area has a 3000 acres of "sea forest" - mangroves, hundreds of birds, insects, shellfish, fish, shrimp, crab and other organisms in the habitat, is China's rare marine biodiversity protection zone. Here can enjoy flying duck group, blue sky, sun Bai Sha poetic picture, the poet Wang Bo "Laxia and solitary Wu Qifei, autumn day color." Nor can be verified here.

7.Scenic features

      A . mangrove Sightseeing zone

      (1) the characteristics of mangroves
The mangrove forest in the scenic area is about 3000 mu. The golden bay sand is flat, sunny, with plenty of rainfall, and is very suitable for the growth of mangroves. Mangroves are also unique landscape between land and sea.

Mangrove is a unique woody viviparous plant, viviparous mangrove is very special. Mangrove seed after ripening does not fall, but germination in the mother tree, extend downwardly roots, will tire root violence grow into stems, and the upper end of the birth two leaves, become a young tree. Once a young, spontaneously from the trees on the off. Due to the heavy stems and roots, saplings and vertical falling radicle very good insertion beach mud, continue to grow independently, after one to two years to grow into a shrub. From mature seeds to timber, mangrove this a series of the creation of life process, it is entirely possible and mammalian fertility behaviour of the offspring. Adaptation to seawater, viviparous seedlings, these two properties of mangrove is unique to the plant, so it is the scientists and the public of many countries in the world attach great importance. In addition, there is a unique function of mangroves, its roots, leaves can be filtered to make the plant death of salt water, which is the only one that can grow in the tropical coastal mud and sea water in the green bushes.

      (2) Scenic areas within the mangrove species and natural landscape

There are 37 species of mangrove species in China, Golden Bay Mangrove Area in 7: Avicennia marina, Aegiceras corniculatum, Kandelia candel, Sonneratia caseolaris, Acrostichum aureum, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza and Rhizophora stylosa; the sea every ebb and flow of mangrove also periodic immersion in seawater, the operation of the ebb and flow of the tide and moon related, mangrove accordingly to adjust their rhythm of life.

Scenic areas within the dense mangrove, like a green fairy elegant chic, bathed in the light green in the sea. High tide, only to see the part of her graceful crown and interesting "arms of Pipa half cover the taste; at low tide, her with mud fragrant mimosa tree trunk Shanshan to exposed on the surface of the sea, a picture of a" long-awaited "the picture! We call it "the sea forest".

Mangrove is also a paradise for birds, scenic mangrove habitat of a variety of birds, of which the largest number of is egrets, flocks of egrets in the woods foraging play, be happy and pleased with oneself, has occasionally been flushed a fisherman, the images of birds fly, Wei spectacular, here can sense by "Laxia and solitary duck soar, autumn sky color" of the original ecology of the natural beauty and artistic beauty.

      (3) The ecological benefit of the mangrove forest is very significant.
For general plants, because of the concentration of soil solution on the sea and beach, it may be greater than the concentration of plants, so they can not only absorb the soil moisture and nutrients, but will be soil solution to the body's moisture back to birth, causing the plant to be burned. And the mangroves would not have this phenomenon, because it has a very peculiar function - the inverse concentration gradient absorption. This unique feature allows the mangroves to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of red tides, and promote the growth and reproduction of marine organisms. At the same time, mature mangroves flourish, developed root system, but also to form a natural barrier of a wind wave dissipation, the protection of seawall. In addition, mangrove litter, through the transformation of the food chain, fish, shrimp, shellfish and crabs to shallow wetland biological provide nutrient rich food.

      B. Seaside play The golden sea 
In Golden Bay lush mangrove forests and vast sky is endless fascinating beach, expanse of Golden Bay Beach, pure, although and sandy and caster is famous for its beach not far apart, but showing a different stunning golden, far looked like is inlaid in the shore of a golden ribbon, this piece of beach, hence the name Gold Beach, Golden Bay Mangrove ecological leisure vacation tourist area is thus named, golden beach stretches more than 20 miles, flat beach gentle slope, fine sand, seafood rich is Asia's largest "hush" paradise. At high tide, a speedboat ride to the sea, swim mysterious sea mangrove forests, experience joy to experience dynamic sea drift, to reach the sea fisheries ganhai retractable cage, catch shrimp, crab and fish; at low tide, the beach seafood rich in sea - dig conch, dig Sandworm, catching crabs, shrimp, into the DanJia foil reclamation fish. "Around the sea fish" is the local fishermen a fishing, also known as "fishing foil" or "DanJia foil", namely in the sea with more than 800 meters to the nets into a round maze, tidal fish downstream to the net drilling, at low tide when the fish trapped out not to tourists directly with scoop nets catch, is most has the North Sea DanJia characteristics, most popular with tourists and fishermen's life in the new gameplay experience.

      C. Arder Recreation Area
At the beach recreation area, the growth of a large a wild profusion of vegetation Casuarina trees. Far and far hope to like inlaid in the Bay on a jade belt, Casuarina equisetifolia is evergreen trees, tree height up to 30 meters, trees grow fast, strong wind resistance, afraid of sand burial, saline alkali tolerant is windbreak and sand fixation forest excellent tree species. Under the shade of a tree you can lying on a comfortable beach chair, sea breeze blowing to see seascape unlimited reverie; can to wide golden beach up ganhai surrounding sea fishing, dig conch, crab catching, dig Sandworm, happy to experience the life of fishermen, enjoy the harvest of joy; can also speedboat into the mystery of the original sea of forest, feeling sea dynamic stimulus drift. In addition, here also with chess mahjong, barbecue stoves, camping tents, beach volleyball, outdoor development training base.